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Our Amazon shop OPENED

Posted on 3rd Jun 2015 @ 10:56 PM


grand-opening.jpg started its activities in ebay almost 10 years ago. At that time we knew nothing about B2C service, However we deeply tructed there was much more potential customers in everywhere of the world and whom was interesting in our products.

We started setting up a network of distributors and dealers on ebay from Hong Kong - a beautiful city where one can meet a unique combination of China soul and western mentality.

The ebay shop was opened since year 2007. though the ebay shop we would communicate with different countary customers and collect information - till today.

At present, after almost 10 years, doing business in Australia is one of the top priorities in our overseas activities. We recognize the great potential of the US market and we see its rapid growth.

June of 2015 was the milestone of our internet retailing service, our Amazon shop was opened. We would continous research more RC and educational toys to our customer in future.